Friday, July 15, 2011

Ronnie Chasen Murder Case Officially Closed

Ronnie Chasen,Hollywood publicity killed Ronnie Chasen, who was assassinated in December by a gunman and one, acting alone, by trying to steal. This was to assess the police immediately after the tragedy, and determine the appropriate officials concluded this week. After sifting through more than 150,000 tests, and police closed the investigation officially this week, reports Beverly Hills Courier Killed Chasen, 64-year-old, several times while he was driving his Mercedes in the beginning of November 16 aftrparty to leave to attend the premiere of the simulation. Armed, Harold Martin Smith, then killed himself on December 1, officers tried to question him in this case. 
Was stolen from a police officer during a robbery earlier - the weapon used in the killings in for Chasen - she was shot four times

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

The Dark Knight Rises Trailer,Commissioner Gordon the hospital, tell someone off screen: "You're going there and getting worse in Batman should return to him." A snapshot of Tom Hardy as a curse. A snapshot of the collapsed buildings, and echoed by a poster this week release. Preparing for "an epic conclusion, the dark legend of Persia" hit theaters in July 2012, under (the best version to come!) 

Chris Brown Performs Live

Chris Brown took off the new report blatant another war (a fake, and it should be noted), and this phase morning and doing what he does best. F.A.M.E. Brown new album title stands for the forgiveness of all my enemies, and / or trailers is everything for me - namely that he must always sing with the stick. Leave the past and hate is the key. This is life in a positive way with such a performance to make his fans proud

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